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 Shinjo The Neo Human

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PostSubject: Shinjo The Neo Human   Fri Apr 22, 2016 5:52 am

Name: Shinjo

Alias: Project Spartan


Age: 17
Aura Color: Gold

Affiliation: Good
Goals: N/A

Personality: (In the beginning) Shinjo's loyalty to his allies is unmatched, and he would not hesitate to put his own well being at risk for them. However his strongest loyalty lays with the military which raised him, once given an order he will not disobey regardless of what is asked of him. Outside of battle he is usually reserved and quiet, usually waiting for the command to make their next move.

Symbol: N/A

Bio: Several generations ago the military began a project in an attempt to create a new bread of super humans. Their plan was to pair two individuals with exceptional genetics in order to produce and offspring with the sum of their genetic superiority. Once the child had come of age the process would be continued. By the time Shinjo was born he was showing clear signs of superiority to any other infant of the same age. With it being clear that the project was indeed working the military was able to continue with the project then refereed to as "Project Spartan".

Abilities and Equipment: N/A

Attacks: N/A
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Shinjo The Neo Human
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