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 Nero. the Demon Hybrid

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PostSubject: Nero. the Demon Hybrid   Sat Apr 09, 2016 2:34 am

Name: Nero
Alias: N/A
Themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mi11pfUUrk&nohtml5=False

Race:Human/Demon hybrid
Age: 16
Aura Color: Purple

Affiliation: Good
Goals: To gain strength and defend the weak from injustice.

Personality: Nero is a Generally Calm person but can get angry when pushed,
he is Cocky often taunting his opponents (but not at a time as to leave himself open)

Symbol: N/A

Bio: Born to a Demon father and a human mother Nero has lived most of his life
in South City. currently he leads a simple life at his mothers antique shop selling
various trinkets. his father left the family shortly after his birth and left him the Yamato. a Demonic blade.

Abilities and Equipment:

Demon blood: as a demon hybrid Nero has the potential to access various
demonic abilities. he heals quicker than a normal person and has above-average

The Yamato: a legendary weapon that his father forged and left to him
its true power is unknown as it is currently dormant. and nero lacks the means
to awaken it.

Attacks: N/A
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Nero. the Demon Hybrid
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