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 World Build

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PostSubject: World Build   Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:38 am

City in Heaven/City in the Clouds - The home of the Gates of Olympus.

Olympus - A realm where the gods live, namely the Rulers. The Council of the Gods. The entrance is located in the clouds. Said entrance is guarded by the Guardians.

Rulers - The gods who rule over Olympus, the Realm of the Gods. These Gods are the more powerful ones.

Shenron - Wish Power, Created Dragon Balls
Chaos - Chaos Power, Created Chaos Emeralds.
Aravel - Demon Blood/Demon Power.
Kai of Time - Time Power, Space Power. Is the overall God of Time and Space. Lives in the Time Nest outside of the 12 Universes.

Workers - These gods live in the mortal universe. They have their own jobs and tasks to see through. Some are branched out depending on the Rulers.

The Kais - Time and Space order. Harbor great wisdom and intellect.
God of Destruction - Destroy things that aren’t longer necessary. They can be anyone, and can use any of the ‘Powers’.
Demon King (Dabura) - The king of Demons. They harbor Demon power manifested as flame. Gain a powerful Demon Trigger from becoming a ‘god’. (Previous Demon King was Demigra)
Guardians - The ones who guard the Gates of Olympus. Their job is to keep mortals out of Olympus. They vary on Power, and usually have Specialty.

Passives - These gods have no real purpose, but have their own free will.

Light/Dark Gaia - Constantly in slumber. But when awoken partake in war against each other. Element Power.
Mephiles - A god that is similar to Chaos, but way less powerful. Chaos Power.
Merlin - Originator of Magic Power, and the Guardian of Earth.

Legendary Artillery - Items that are way above normal precedence. Can either be made and enchanted by mortals, or created by the gods.

Yamato (Class 1) -

Mjolnir (Class 3) - A mighty hammer with the power to summon bolts of Lightning.

Excalibur (Class 4) - A sword forged for Kings. Wielders of this sword are said to rival that of Gods.

Chaos Emeralds (Class 5) - Jewels created by Chaos. These emeralds hold infinite amounts of Chaos power; both positive and negative. At one point in time hundreds of them existed, but since then only 7 remain.

Dragon Balls (Class 5) - Starred orbs containing Wish Power. When all 7 are gathered they grant the summoner 1 'perfect' wish.

Elemental Tribes - Around the Earth there are multiple tribes based around different Element Powers. Lexon is most notable from being from the Dark Clan.

Art of/Fist of - A buffing technique that increases or grants certain attributes.
    Kaioken - A Technique created by North Kai. It multiples the users base parameters by the level used. If not mastered, this technique doesn't flow very well and damages the body internally.
    Eight Gates - This technique forcefully opens points in the body. The First and Second Gate unlock the users hidden potential to the utmost limit but in a forceful manner that's dangerous to the body.

Hero - A term to describe a person officially known as a person who defends the innocent. There are probably a few well known heroes that we can mention. Don't know if we'll meet many.

Project Spartan - A military organization and force revolved around creating 'Neo' humans through selective breeding and other such means. Humans born by these means; "Neo Human"s are above average in power, speed, and stamina.
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World Build
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