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 Story Arcs

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PostSubject: Story Arcs   Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:30 am

- BackStory Stuff not really rp just thought up. (Can possibly be done in posts if you want to)

Introduction Arc
- Apri and Nero are hanging out in a city.
- End up having to fight some villains.
- World Build Exposition possibly.
- Apri and Nero hear about the World Tournament and decide to enter.

Red Ribbon Army Arc
- Tournament Arc
----- Apri and Nero register and enter.
----- We meet Shinjo, who also registers.
----- We see a few fights.
----- We see Shoku during a fight.
----- Red Ribbon Army arrives for the Dragon Ball
----- Fighting against RR Army. Contestants and Civilians get injured/killed.
----- Shoku rises and protects as many as he can.
----- RR Army flees after gaining Dragon Ball.
- Dragon Ball retrieval arc
----- Characters find out what the Dragon Balls can do, and decide to get the Dragon Ball back and stop the RR Army once and for all.
----- RR Army goes into two groups. Apri and Shinjo Follow one group, while Nero and Shoku follow the other.
----- Nero and Shoku go to the RR Army's Compound/base of operations.
----- Apri and Shinjo go to Muscle Tower

Saiyan Arc
- After a while of peace on earth we are met with saiyans (Radiz, Nappa, Broly, Tarble)

Chaos Emerald Arc
- The introduction to the chaos emeralds and how they work

Frieza Arc
-Frieza comes to earth in look for the dragon balls after nappa telling him what happened on earth and gets killed. Leading to him coming to earth and us fighting him with chaos emeralds.

Android Arc
-Gero's son who  was a scientest too tried to avenge his father by making androids and robots to kill the new Z warriors

Magin Buu/Gaia Arc
-After more peace on earth an alien shows up to bring back buu and at the same time dark gaia is unleashed also letting out light gaia who fight while this is happening leading to buu
absorbing both, splits into 2 seperate parts (dark Gaiabuu Vs Light Gaiabuu) then fusing back together after forming avatarbuu which is an elemental being that is

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PostSubject: Re: Story Arcs   Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:08 am

the Vergil arc: Nero's father Vergil returns to the earth. massacring countless innocents with an army of Demons (he is being manipulated by aravel. who said that he must prove himself through conquest in order to become the Demon King and gain more power. this is a part of Virgil's personality. he is willing to do anything to gain more power.) my only other idea for the arc is that Nero will unlock Devil Trigger 2 in order to defeat Vergil.
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Story Arcs
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