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 Charon, Ferrywoman to the Afterlife

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PostSubject: Charon, Ferrywoman to the Afterlife   Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:09 pm

(W.I.P Design)
Name: Charon
Alias: Shinigami, Death
- https://youtu.be/lbhz0O0dAyk (Now this is more like it!)

Race: God
Age: N/A
Aura Color: N/A

Affiliation: Neutral
- Finding a worth person to take her place
- Finding a new job.

Personality: Don't care for much other than getting a kick out of quick thrills. Pretty laid back, but can be serious to scary degrees.

Bio: Charon is the God of Death. She thinks it's the worst job ever and wants a new job, but keeps it since it's the only thing left of her former mentor; The original God of Death.

Abilities and Equipment:

Immortality - Until she gives up her godhood or that godhood is taken away, she is immortal. Unable to die by any means.

Death's Scythe - The scythe of the God of Death. While not very powerful on it's own, the God of Death can wield and transform this weapon into that of great power.

Disinterest Level 9001 - There are just times where Charon doesn't give a shit about something. If it's not good enough for her participation she'll just sit on the sidelines and do something else.

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Charon, Ferrywoman to the Afterlife
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