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 Lexon The Shade

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PostSubject: Lexon The Shade   Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:56 am

Name: Lexon
Alias: The Shade
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VVSSTu5v4k (I Guess I Have no Choice)
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdhF0XlqJrg (Now I'm serious)
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGoiOfHsuUA (I May Fall)

Race: Wolf (Anthro)
Age: 19
Aura Color: Black

Affiliation: Neutral
- To laze around all day
- Sleep

Personality: Lexon is pretty lazy and laid back but easy going and happy-go-lucky. Doesn't like being in the 'spotlight'

Symbol: 闇 his Family Crest.

Bio: Lexon was born in the Dark Element clan. His family were the ambassadors from the clan to the 'human' world, therefore having a pretty rich wealth. Because his family was well known Lexon was pushed into training and learning how to utilize his inherited element. He had a natural talent that allowed him to use Dark with great efficiency, even to the point of gaining his own unique manifestation of Dark.

He didn't see eye to eye with his clan or family, however, and ultimately left.

Using his family funds he bought living supplies (As well as putting a hefty amount in his own bank account), moving into a small forest by civilization. The city next door being one of the few that aren't 'racist' to anthros.

Abilities and Equipment:

Dark Element: Lexon, being form the Dark clan, is able to use the Dark Element.

Dark Affinity: Lexon has natural talent. With that talent he was able to manifest a high affinity to the Dark Element, allowing him to use it in unique ways.


  • Shade - Lexon calls his Dark Element 'Shade', and his attack names also consist of it. Shade are darkness that manifest and affect gravity. It should also be noted that unless Lexon wants it, Shade doesn't affect him.
  • Shade Void - A sort of mini black hole of shadows from which Lexon can absorb projectile attacks with. The void appears to have a set size however, and Lexon can move it freely as long as it remains close.
  • Shade Drum - Coating his fist Shade, Lexon delivers a powerful punch backed by the repelling force of gravity.
  • Shade Strum - Waving his hand, Lexon sweeps a wave of Shade to sweep away the enemy.
  • Shade Seal - Lexon creates a somewhat solid blob of shadow, which he can throw/force at an enemy. A Shade Seal is a ‘mark’ of some sort, that Lexon can use to extend his Shade range. With enough concentration, Lexon can place a Shade attack directly at the Seal's coordinates.
  • Shade Arpeggio - Lexon is able to tether to Shade Seals, zipping from seal to seal. With this he is able to quickly strike enemies. He can also pull seals towards other seals, for example a sealed teammate to sealed enemies.
  • Shade Coffin -  Lexon covers his opponent in shadow, trapping them. Useful to entrap even the especially strong, so it's best to dodge before it surrounds you.

(Totally not ripped off from his attacks in another series, *scratches chin*)
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Lexon The Shade
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